Berks County Mineralogical Society

The Berks Mineralogical Society is the rock, gem, fossil, mineral and lapidary club for Berks County Pennsylvania. We conduct monthly meetings in the Auditorium Room at the Reading Public Museum. The club meets at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of July and August. Please use the rear entrance of the museum. All are welcome to attend the monthly meetings and is open to anyone in the area that wants to join.

Berks Mineralogical Society was formed in 1957 by rock and mineral enthusiasts to share their love of geology. The club encourages the interest, enjoyment, and appreciation of the history in our community while promoting the education of rocks, minerals, gems, fossils, and the lapidary arts.

Berks Mineralogical Society is a non-profit educational organization. The question most people are interested in is, "Where can I collect rocks and fossils?" Join Berks Mineralogical Society to come see and find out. We share the locations we visit with our members and our dues are very reasonable. Our field trips include many areas throughout PA. Many sites we visit and collect from are never open to the general public. Due to our commitment to safety and respect for the areas we visit, quarries and mine dumps will give us occasional access. The Berks Mineralogical Society is an informal group and we welcome any person or people with a sincere interest in minerals, collecting rocks, uncovering fossils and lapidary arts.

Yearly dues are $10 for single and $16 for a family

We are a member of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc. and a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Our Goals

  • To Offer Collecting Trips to places not accessible to the general public and to provide information where people can go to collect on their own.
  • To Stimulate Interest in the earth sciences.
  • To Increase Knowledge of the properties, identification, and valuation of gems, rocks, minerals, and fossils.
  • To Provide Opportunities for fellowship among members and with other clubs having similar interests.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the club you will enjoy:

  • Field trips for rock hounding and fossil hunting;
  • Skill building programs;
  • Expert advice and ideas;
  • Participation in our annual Gem, mineral and fossil show.