Welcome to the Berks Mineralogical Society

Our goal is to share of love of geology and to share this and teach the public.

The Berks Mineralogical Society is the rock, gem, fossil, mineral and lapidary club for Berks County Pennsylvania. We conduct monthly meetings in the Auditorium Room at the Reading Public Museum. We are a non-profit educational organization, and our field trips include many areas throughout PA.

Events & Shows Information

Upcoming Meetings

Find us at the Reading Public Museum for monthly meetings and presentations.

500 Museum Road
Reading, PA 19611

Need a map? You can find one on their webs site.

Rocks & Minerals Information

Reference books are just as important in a rock, mineral, or fossil hobby as the rock specimens themselves. They offer insight on the history of the location as well as other specimens found in the area. The Berks Mineralogical Society uses these guides for researching locations and identifying rocks, mineral, etc. If the club is to visit a site mentioned in the books, the club makes sure that it has proper permission to visit that site.

Contact Berks Mineralogical Society

The Berks Mineralogical Society is an informal group and we welcome any person or people with a sincere interest in minerals, collecting rocks, uncovering fossils and the lapidary arts.

Yearly dues are $10 for single and $16 for a family.

We are happy to help answer any questions you have!

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